Cybermato Consulting - Nortek Vector Control

Recently I wrote a Perl program to give Professor Grünbaum of the University of Washington's Oceanography Department a Linux-based scriptable interface to a Nortek Vector velocimeter (3D water current measurement device).  I started with the StepIt program I had written previously, since he (and the students in his lab) already understood and liked the script language that it supports - code reuse is a good thing!

We are releasing it here under the GNU General Public License.  It has NO WARRANTY - if by some chance it causes your device to explode, don't sue me (or the professor, or anyone else).

In theory, this program will also work for other Nortek Paradopp products (e.g., Aquadopp).  However, I have not tested it, as I do not have access to such a device.  If you'd like to donate one to Professor Grünbaum's lab, I'd be happy to make any changes necessary to ensure that this program works properly.  Other arrangements may also be possible - see contact form link below.

The current version is 0.5.0 (vectorControl-0.5.0.tar.gz)

Download the tarball containing the program and a sample script and other stuff (if needed, right-click and select Save As or whatever the appropriate option is in your browser)
VectorControl Documentation (also embedded in the program - run it with no arguments)
Sample VectorControl script file - note that running this will overwrite the configuration on your device!
Examine other files in the current tarball

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