Chris MacGregor's References

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“The short version: Chris excelled in the work that he did for me. He is highly skilled, dedicated to doing an excellent job, and a pleasure to work with. For a more complete description and evaluation of his work, please see:

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity Senior Software Engineer, Digeo

“I found Chris highly skilled, tenacious, professional, and creative. I hired him when we were in different, distant offices and his ability to take a project and work it independently were critical to me. I also worked with him when he was at bsquare and I was at Intergraph, with similar results. I would hire him again in a heartbeat. I make this endorsement personally and it should not be attributed to my employer.”

“Chris is one of those go-to guys whenever you have a tough computing problem. Smart, articulate, and focused on practical solutions. I very much enjoyed working with him. [I make this endorsement personally and it should not be attributed to Digeo, Inc.]”

“Chris is an extraordinarily bright engineer without all the "rock-star" luggage that normally entails. Very pragmatic and precise he was a pleasure to work with and an important asset to the company we worked at.”

“Chris has a keen mind and has served as my main resource for Linux imaging and administration. He played a key role at Digeo where Linux development was concerned. He will be missed dearly.”

“Chris was one of the people that I supported at Digeo. During that time I found Chris to be one of the most intelligent and capable people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Any software company that finds Chris should be glad to have such a detail orientated and dedicated hard worker.” Chief Technical Officer, Tigerwave Networks

“Chris is very responsive and flexible, and a great programmer. I've worked with him on several projects where my clients needed custom applications built, and he's always come through with an end product that exceeded the client's expectations.” Senior Staff Software Engineer, Sony Electronics

“Chris is an exceptionally talented, energetic and productive software developer. Chris initially joined Sony Electronics as a contractor, but his skills, knowledge, productivity and professionalism were so immediately apparent that Sony aggressively pursued him to permanently join its Advanced Technology / Software Technology Group, where he contributed with distinction. He is able to lead development teams, work independently or in groups. He would be a superb asset to any development organization.”

“Chris and I worked together on several projects at Sony related to digital TV where Chris provided high-quality work on time with test code to prove that it all worked as planned. He has a great breadth of technical knowledge with exceptional depth in C++, Perl and understanding of Linux which he is always happy to share with others in a friendly, accessible manner. He works well by himself but is great in a team as he has so much energy and knowledge to add.”

“Chris was incredibly energetic and thorough in the work he did. His output was really impressive, and he worked well with each person in our groups.”

“Chris and I worked together at Sony. During this time, I found Chris to be an extremely competent software developer. He is very much a people person and a team player.”

“I worked closely with Chris for over four years at Sony's Advanced Technology Group. He provided smart, well-balanced software solutions for the hardware R&D projects in which I participated. In addition, Chris was always willing to share his Linux expertise both to accomplish our group's business goals, and to advance his co-workers' command of the Linux OS.” Senior Software Engineer, bsquare

“Chris is phenomenal. Talk about someone who can dive into any project and contribute from day one and you need to talk about Chris. Chris mainly worked on development tools and systems level technologies (code generation, system runtimes, platform porting layers, device driver level development). I haven't worked with him for years but if his background is ever relevant to any of my needs in the future, I will give him serious consideration. He is capable of working both independently and within a team environment. He prides himself on doing things right, not just getting things done.”

“Chris is a thorough and talented engineer, his knowledge and skills in the system software area (compilers, linkers, etc) were exemplary. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for any tough software project.”

“Chris joined bsquare at the very beginning and was a great addition to the team. He is driven to be a great programmer, technical contributor and co-worker. In my time at the company, Chris went from successful project, to successful project (I'm don't think he ever worked on a project that wasn't on time and on budget). For a company that went from 6 people, to 500+ and a successful IPO, those early people are so important. Chris was one of the people that made the company work, both with his work and his commitment to excellence.

One way that Chris's skills as a team builder showed, was in his roll as the unofficial staff photographer of bsquare. I have a shot of the whole staff that Chris took in 1996 in my office today. It is amazing how much those pictures were used then and how much I enjoy the few I have now.

If you are doing systems work (compilers, OS, drivers, or database engines), I'm sure Chris would be a great addition to your team. I recommend him highly and would be looking to work with him again.”

“Chris is extremely skilled with a wide variety of programming languages. He is exemplary in the way he expresses his coding; always clean and publish-worthy. He is also a great natural leader and a wonderful team player that I hold a very high regard for.” Software Engineer / Systems Consultant (contract position), GTE Government Systems Network Management Operations

“Chris MacGregor is an extremely smart, productive, and competent individual. During the time that we worked together, Chris always produced very high quality work in less time than I expected it would take. He has an impressive depth of technical knowledge, is enthusiastic about his job, and is always willing to mentor as well as learn from others. Chris is easy going and gets along well with a wide range of personality types. He was a well liked and valuable member of my team at GTE NMO. I highly recommend Chris MacGregor. I'm confident that he would be an excellent addition to any group.”

“Chris and I worked together at GTE on a large software development project. Chris repeatedly demonstrated great technical skills, problem solving abilities and worked very well with others in team environment. I highly recommend Chris and am pleased to provide further details, if necessary.”

“It was quite a few years ago that I worked with Chris, but when I did, I remembered him as a very detail-oriented engineer who seemed to be quite "underemployed" with the work he was doing at GTE NMO. He definitely needed to find better challenges for his talents.” Software Engineer, Stratus Computer

“I supervised Chris both while he was a co-op and later a fresh-out hire at Stratus Computer. He was an energetic, enthusiastic, hard worker. His work was high quality and timely. I later enjoyed working with him in a non-supervisory capacity.”

“It's been a while since Chris and I worked together, but I remember him as smart, hard-working and a real self-starter.”

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